Critical Acclaim

“Jason Papowitz offered a committed interpretation of the unwilling Visitor, singing with an ardent tenor and . . . sang with a heft and clear English diction that rendered the titles superfluous.”
Vivien Schweitzer
The New York Times

“Jason Papowitz inspired the audience from beginning on, which was evidenced by standing ovations, bravos and unending applause.”
Nachrichten Berg und Starnberg

“He has a glorious voice and produced a burnished tone with fine ring.”
Kathy Grantham
North County News

“His powerful soaring tenor voice closed the first act with bravos after the wonderful and long love duet.”
Vincent Schommer
The Times Herald Record

“Jason Papowitz, for his part, was brilliant as a magnificent Verdi tenor from top to bottom.”
Stephanie Knauer
Augsburger Allgemeine

“On the side of the law, Jason Papowitz’s Inspector Heat had some nice moments, and brought empathetic charm to the final scene with Winnie.”
Whitney Scott

“Jason Papowitz (sang) the role of Chief Inspector Heat in a polished tenor.”
Bruce-Michael Gelbert
On Stage

“Standouts among a hard-working vocal cast included Jason Papowitz as a sympathetic Chief Inspector Heat.”
Steve Smith
The New York Times